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 Welcome to the DWApplications website we are very happy you stopped by.   DWApplications is an open forum for technical leaders working together  to explore and collaborate in the ever expanding field of Business  Intelligence.  We are constantly looking for technical experts in the  area of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence.  This web based  community is a valuable resource to businesses of all sizes that are  searching for the answers of making meaningful information out of raw  data and allowing them to better manage their business and make informed  decisions based on facts. 

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 DWApplications is devoted to understanding and implementing the industry  best practices for data management and data reporting using proven  solutions that provide the knowledge and ability to make actionable  decisions as you are proactively alerted based on business metrics that  will guide your business based on historical trends identified in your  data.  We provide the implementation services to enable you to be able  to visualize your data and derive meaningful insights. 

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 The need to streamline business processes and derive informed decisions  based on the massive collection of raw data found in most businesses  today has never been greater.  Understanding the data that your business  is producing is the key to effectively and efficiently managing your  business.  

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"Best decision ever!"

"I was starting a small business and ran into so many overwhelming road blocks. A friend suggested a business planner and mentioned DWApplications. Best decision ever! "

- Jill Caterson, Amarillo Texas 

"My business is now thriving!"

"I knew I'd be needing some guidance and an overall overhaul if I wanted to make it another ten years. They helped with cost studies, marketing strategies. Through his performance management, my business is now thriving!

- Carl Cats, Houston Texas


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